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Jun 28, 2015

DAPF #67. Dark Angels & Pretty freaks #67 We are joined by the guys from The LoFi Show for a podcast frosting! A lot of fun and a lot of laughs! 5 Favorite commercials


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Jun 21, 2015

DAPF #66 Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #66. We Thank Snake Oil Comics, talk Birthdays, Getting flipped off while driving, crying over birthday gifts, New stalking victim, Dogs, possible Disneyland meet, 5 Favorite Birthday party ideas and so much more!! 


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Jun 14, 2015

DAPF #65 Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #65. We are joined by Travis, Big Dev and Nick Nameless of Snake Oil Comics. We talk about life, love, sex and comics. 5 Favorite comic book characters


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Jun 7, 2015

DAPF #64. Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #64. We talk about Cat poop eating, Birthdays, Argentinian Roly Poly, Johnny Justice, Aar Hotel, missing Age of Ultron, 5 favorite alternative names, and so much more!


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