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Sep 28, 2014

Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #28. We explain where we got our DAPF name, Neil gets ready for Graphic Novice, Annaleis builds a USC studio, Favorite 5 foods while watching sports, A bonus fav 5 for Roy! Star Wars giveaway revealed, a lot of thank you’s, and so much more!



Sep 21, 2014

Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks episode #27 This week we talk about meeting a sibling we recently found out about, iPhone6, Expensive shorts, Favorite 5 Things to do on w/a free day, Whats on our table, Sleep Paralysis, Naked man photo bomb and so much more! 



Sep 14, 2014

Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #26 The newlyweds are back with stories of Jamaican bar crawls, Fantasy football fails, Burton Haters, 5 favorite beers, Good Friends, and much more!



Sep 7, 2014

Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #25 Back Home! we talk wedding, shaved heads, 3 TVs, family, 5 fav things about being home, spread Gem Shopping love, The amazing Donnanvon Dalrymple, Couples Negril, Missing podcasting and so much more!