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Oct 26, 2014

Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #32 We thank Grant of 7 Days a Geek and all the people who listened to our 4 hr epic pod, Hot Dog costumes, Drunk voice mails, 5 Fav Scariest moments and so much more!



Oct 19, 2014

Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #31 Holy Crap!! Over 4 hours with Grant from 7 Days A geek... Most fun ever! Please listen.... #awesome #humbled



Oct 12, 2014

Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #30. We talk RadioFubar, The Puss is Named! Wonder Woman onesie, Answer Grants questions, Get Dicked, Try to figure out Slush, 5 Fav Animals, Thank Graphic Novice, Read E.L.E, Cheese Nipple, Henno’s new podcast, and so much MORE!



Oct 4, 2014

Dark Angles & Pretty Freaks #29 The Graphic Novice edition. DAPF is joined by VF and Nickel from The Graphic Novice Podcast to talk and laugh about comics, comic collections, podcasting friends, going grey, Favorite 5 movie lines and so much more!