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Feb 24, 2018

DAPF #206. Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks Podcast #206 “Fix Your Butt”. We chat about #FluShot for the #dogs, getting ready for #Reno, Fixing a dogs butt, #Clown Vs. #Jesus, #Drinking too much, #SkiWeek our 5 favorite #Perfumes and so much more!

DAPF #206. Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks Podcast #206 “Fix Your Butt”


Cat Ear Headphones

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This video and podcast created with..


GoPro Hero 5 Black


2 Pcs Screen Protector (Screen and Lens) for Hero5 Black, Ultra-Clear Tempered-Glass with Lens Cap Cover for Hero 5 Action Camera


GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter (HERO5 Black/HERO5 Session) (GoPro Official Accessory)


Mackie ProFX8 usb mixer


Cat Ear Headphones


Behringer 3000 headphones


Behringer Headphone amp


Audio-Technica AT-2020 microphone


Mic boom arm w/mic cable