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Dec 29, 2014

DAPF #41 Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #41 Not as sick as last week, but... We recap Xmas, Mom Checks out A’s workout panties, Neil’s gets a weather station, Se7en hurts a hip, Annaleis steals a Xmas tree, 5 fav people to party NYE with, and so much more! 



Dec 21, 2014

DAPF #40 Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks turns 40! Both Annaleis & Neil are sick, & you can tell by this most interesting of episodes. You’ve been warned! #TreeTrimming 5 Favorite Christmas/Holiday Memories



Dec 15, 2014

DAPF #39. Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks talk about holiday parties, Stormageddon, Halloween obsession, Uber, Broken gingerbread homes, 5 Favorite Christmas Movies and so much more



Dec 7, 2014

DAPF #38. Herman & the Pink Honey Badgers talk about Glisteners,  Urgency Emergency, Neil’s EEG, Star Wars Contest is over, Neil’s Mom is Hawkeye, Happy Starbucks stories, Joy of the Cock Ring, 5 Fave Xmas songs, and so much more!