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May 18, 2014

DAPF #10 We talk about the Dogecoin, Reddit, Josh Wise, NASCAR awesomeness! We say Goodbye to The Green Up podcast, and hello to Who The What Now!? podcast. Annaleis’ voice acting, Neil at DMV, Guardians of the Galaxy update, and much more....

Mike Aldridge
over ten years ago

In your latest episode Annaleis asked how other podcasters get ready to do their recording. As a freshman podcaster I figured I'd share my routine! I did a fancast for Almost Human and now do a movie podcast over at and I've only published three episodes, but have six recorded. The only thing I really do is that I spend some time talking with my cohost before the show. I record everything from the moment we connect via Skype so we end up with some good bloopers, but mostly it is just the act of talking normally that gets me relaxed and ready to do the podcasting itself. Probably doesn't help much, but then again I understand I'm an oddball when it comes to podcasters anyways.
I enjoy the show and look forward to hearing more!