Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks podcast
Angel and the Freak, a married couple just talking about our lives and the crazy things we do and see. No point, just fun, laughs, and humor, but always the truth.

Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #24 Our house gets affected by the Napa Quake, We talk travel and Jamaica, Neil get sea sick, Annaleis is a zoom snorkeler, wedding day approaches, and 5 Favorite things about Vacation, plus so much more!



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Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #23. We talk about Jamaica, burying kegs at OutsideLands SF, Zero nail trim, Favorite 5 not used (yet) pet names, Neil wanting more morning poles, Car trouble and much more!




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Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #22, Hear the origin story for the better half of DAPF, The Angel, Annaleis! Lot’s of fun and laughs!! Plus our regular craziness.





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Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #21, we talk about the Angels birthday, Birthday gifts, Comic book order, Graphic novice bad influence, Convenience store clerks, 5 Fav candies, Star Wars giveaway,Geek Life Radio, Things from another world and so much more.





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