Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks podcast
Angel and the Freak, a married couple just talking about our lives and the crazy things we do and see. No point, just fun, laughs, and humor, but always the truth.

Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #16 5 favorite foods, pro cable pull, what we learned, Cards Against humanity awesomeness, Henno, Mexican polka, reverse midlife crisis, Chinese restaurant text, Andrew W.K, Chevelle, live twitter answers, and much more



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Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #15 Sunday morning podcast. More reggae sound FX!! We learn to play dominoes, talk high school graduation, why Neil C doesn’t eat meat, chasing chickens, cards against humanity, armpits at Starbucks, 5 favorite words and so much more.



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Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks 14. A tipsy Father’s Day/ Neil’s Birthday trek to Crazy town.  Very special guests Fabiana and Eric, 5 favorite sounds, mimosas, Guns n’ Roses, naked beach talk, and so much more. Including slurred speech.



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DAPF #13 Top 5 beverages, wedding dress is arriving, living in a single wide trailer, the longest walk home, fantasy football, Drunk History, and so much more...


Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks


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DAPF#12 We have a guest! Ninja joins us for laughs about, boobs, Champagne glasses, mimosas, ethnicity, 5 favorite cities, brunch, and so much more!!


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