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Jan 17, 2016

DAPF #96. Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #96. We  discuss our couch buying experience,  Neil gets instant Karma, Sick days watching sports TV, Bathroom Snakes, Neil shares another Dingus story, Weather report, 5 favorite sayings, and so much more!


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Jan 10, 2016

DAPF #95. Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #95. Neil crashes on his bike (again) and can’t wipe his bottom, Momma heads home to Argentina, Annaleis takes the in-laws to Skywalker Ranch, Our cat gets a cat bite, Zero (our Pitbull) saves Nine (our Doberman), and in honor of Soup Month, Our 5 Favorite soups!


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Jan 2, 2016

DAPF #94. Dark Angels & Pretty freaks #94. A New Year Day episode in which we talk about hardcore partying, Neil making Xmas carols dirty, Bunnies on the loose, Zero’s birthday, JamaicaCast2016, Possums in Mink coast driving Jaguars, 5 favorite memories of 2015 and so much more!


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Dec 27, 2015

DAPF #93. Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #93. Neil spends Xmas eve & Xmas Day in the hospital visiting his Dad who was assaulted by a Kitty (no joke)! we talks Seeing the new Star Wars at Skywalker Ranch, Video surveillance (stalking) systems, engineers at dinner, 5 favorite places we would like to spend Xmas, and so much...

Dec 20, 2015

DAPF #92. Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #92. “Daddy’s Girl” With VERY special Guests, Jeff & Jason from The History Of Bad Ideas podcast (HOBI)! 5 Favorite Bon Jovi Songs (Yes, there is singing)!!


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