Dark Angels and Pretty Freaks podcast (podcast)
Angel and the Freak, a married couple just talking about our lives and the crazy things we do and see. No point, just fun, laughs, and humor, but always the truth.

DAPF#7..  Neil tries to be witty, Ice noise, we pimp The Final Hunt comic book, talk nicknames, bubble placement, bad questions, hurt backs, domestic flower buying, fear of fish, free stickers, and so much more...

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DAPF #6 Neil wants sound effects, we talk Couples resorts and annoying message boards. Neil tries to clear up marriage V. comic books. Star Wars Rebels, Storm troopers at engagement party, Annaleis loses parking to Jon Favreau, we pimp the “Who The What Now” podcast, Thunder Nipple and Paddle dong make their debut, and DAPF help friends move.... and much more....

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DAPF has 8:30 am bar fun, visits family in Woodland Ca, eats at Don's, tells meat bag story, talks "Curse of the Vessel" comic book. Neil gets haircut and wants to start a porn podcast, We meet "Flipper"(Annaleis's vagina), cookie meeting trust issues, and more.... 



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So much going on this week! We talk many things Skywalker ranch, Se7en barks at nothing, Vanilla Ice is awesome, we drink at the theater, Annaleis fixes her boobies, and Neil C listens to way too much Indoor Kids for one week!! Enjoy!

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Perhaps a library umbrellafight? Neil C is a sissy driver. Comics that should be ordered. Geting my ass handed to me in Titanfall. The "C" word. Boots and pants, and so much more!! Kill your commute!

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DAPF Thank the listeners, talk about their favorite podcasts, kiss Kevin Smith's ass, go to the library, and might offend police and firefighters.... But not on purpose... Really... 

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These 2 talk Need For Speed, Dream Cars, Unmelted Butter, Ex Husbands, and everything in between.

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