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Mar 25, 2017

DAPF #158. Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #158 “M.P. & The Bean”. Annaleis & Neil thank everybody for the 3 year podcasting anniversary well wishes and chat about teddy bears, The Voice obsession, Sling Tv, micro penises, Saxon, 5 favorite Jeff Goldblum movies and so much more!


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Dec 11, 2016

DAPF #143. Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #143. Annaleis & Neil chat about car rental craziness, broken heaters, Monster energy and NASCAR, a girl trying to break into our house, Keurig fun, Ford fiestas, Portland, our 5 favorite foods when feeling sick and so much more!


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Feb 21, 2016

DAPF #101. Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #101. We thank Mom & Dad as well as everyone who listened and gave us love for our episode #100. We Talk Ghost Hunting equipment, Cat trees, More Nationality questions, NASCAR, Microphone sex, 5 Favorite things about driving to work and so much more!


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Aug 2, 2015

DAPF #72 Dark Angels & Pretty Freaks #72. It’s Annaleis’ Pre Birthday show! Neil Is exhausted from work, so the show is a train wreck! We talk about friends meeting Nikki Sixx, Cat issues, Dog possibilities, 5 favorite Rock Shows and so much more!



Dec 7, 2014

DAPF #38. Herman & the Pink Honey Badgers talk about Glisteners,  Urgency Emergency, Neil’s EEG, Star Wars Contest is over, Neil’s Mom is Hawkeye, Happy Starbucks stories, Joy of the Cock Ring, 5 Fave Xmas songs, and so much more!